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Wetlands visit and PGL thanks

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Tonight's meeting is at normal times at the Seaton wetlands. Check Rachel's email for directions and what to bring.

Huge thanks must go to Gordon Davis and Daniel for taking the Scouts away to PGL in north Devon over half term. Sounds like it was a very successful trip. Thank you.

Nature scavenge

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Normal times at the hut. Bring a coat and walking shoes as we shall be out and about in Seaton again this week but scavenging for nature. Any extra offers of parent help would be brilliant please. The Cubs particularly benefit from having extra adults so we can split into smaller groups.

Geocaching walk

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Normal times at the hut, but we will be out in Seaton searching for Geocaches. Bring suitable outdoor clothing and scouts to wear long trousers and sleeves to protect from nettles.

Bike maintenance and route planning

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Bring your bike along to the meeting at the hut this week so we can discuss maintenance and plan a cycle route for our ride in June.

Fire lighting & Archery

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Normal times at the hut.
Year 5 and older need long sleeve shirts on as they will be doing archery with Paul Johns- many thanks to him for doing this for our lads.
Yr 3 &4 Cubs will be firelighting and cooking.
All weather dependent.

On sat 14th May there is the opportunity for everyone to have a sailing taster session at Axe Sailing Club. Speak to Fran for more info.

Park & fire lighting

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Normal times at the hut this week.

As only yr 5 lads and older will be able to take part in archery next week, they will be firelighting this week.
The younger Cubs will then do fire lighting next week but will walk to the new park this week.


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Meet at the harbour for crabbing between 6.30 and 8.00. Bring lines and bait and an adult if possible too! Wear uniform.

Summer Term starts with out door games night

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Normal meeting times at the Scout Hut this week for a games night.

Please confirm to Fran that you can help on the parent rota for this term.

Looking forward to hearing how the Scouts got on camping on Dartmoor, and seeing if anyone has returned to the Jurassic visitor centre over the holiday.


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Meet at the hut at normal times this week. The fire station trip has been cancelled.

Be prepared for games, countryside code and completing our survival kits.

Thank you to all the Scouts and their parents who supported us at the Grizzly Run on Sunday.

Badges, forums and games

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Normal times at the hut this week. Bring along any badge work or certificates you have and be ready to discuss your favourite activities so we can get planning the months ahead.

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